Nutrabolics HEMOTEST 2XC Test Support Matrix 60 cap

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HEMOTROPIN 2XC™ 2x Concentrated Peptide Growth Hormone Support Matrix Growth Hormone (GH) is arguably your body’s most powerful muscle building and fat burning hormone. It’s for this reason that many top bodybuilders and other athletes inject this powerful hormone illegally. Because injected GH has potential legal and health consequences, the ideal would be to find a natural way to boost GH levels in your body. Many supplements have tried, but few even come close to the power and potency of super-evolved HEMOTROPIN 2XC™! HEMOTROPIN 2XC™ is a 2x concentrated peptide growth hormone stimulator, and is the evolution of the research founding our revolutionary HEMOTROPIN™ complex. When used as directed, core ingredients like the immensely powerful GH Releasing Hexamino Peptide work to ignite protein utilization and muscle gains, reduce catabolism (protein breakdown), and support overnight fat loss by shifting your body’s energy use towards fatty acid uptake. HEMOTROPIN 2XC™ also includes a specialized Rapid Eye Movement (REM) Maximizing Matrix containing powerful and rare ingredients like Gamma-aminobutyric Acid, Lemon Balm Extract, Holy Basil Leaf, and Jamaica Dogwood Extract. This innovative matrix is designed to assist in further optimizing GH release through and to help you to experience a more pronounced REM sleep.* Get ready to harness the power of 24 hour muscle enhancement!
Manufacturer: Nutrabolics
Manufacturer Part No: 713757452311

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